To take this ride you must be at least–

Inspired by some of our most intrepid parent and child clients, we’ve been developing our capacity to offer longer kid friendly trips, with shorter sailing legs and more shore diversions, but nonetheless some open water crossings.

To help us test the limits of dinghy cruising with kids, a three and a four year old gamely bid their mothers adieu for three days and two nights of magical island hopping on Buzzards Bay. The weather couldn’t have been more obliging, with fair winds taking us to Cuttyhunk and West Island before our return home to Westport.

Whether a child is ready to dinghy cruise will vary with child and guardian(s), but certainly being comfortable in and on the water is a prerequisite.  Easily our most demanding clients to date, these kids had a great time; as did we, gleaning a few lessons along the way. Planning and preparation are a huge part of any successful cruise, more so with little ones and their sleep schedules. Napping underway comes naturally, fortunately. Time ashore or tootling around near it allows children to find their own joys. For these two, collecting hermit crabs and jumping in a dense floating patch of old sea grass topped their list.

We’re now confident and happy to offer family friendly extended trips in addition to those with a greater focus on sailing and reaching new places.  We’re grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to them all!