Dinghy Cruising Logs (with photos!)


We love our clients. We want to go sailing with them, not make them read *legalese*. Nonetheless, here's our

Refund Policy

If you book a trip, and instead of sending you a confirmation email we inform you that we cannot accept the booking, despite having taken payment: you can either (1) use your payment for another booking, or (2) receive a full refund. We will *eat* any applicable Paypal fees mentioned below.

Otherwise, all bookings are fully refundable, except, because of costs we incur, as follows. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation of a confirmed booking after 10 AM two days before the trip's start date are subject to a 25% late cancellation fee.

Paypal no longer refunds fees, so except as noted above, refunds of Paypal bookings would not include those fees, which as of this writing are 30ยข + 2.9% in the U.S.

We don't cancel trips for rain. If we decide the forecast is so bad that we should not attempt to complete a trip, we'll offer a choice of (1) rescheduling the trip or affected portion for no charge, and (2) a refund or prorated refund subject only to Paypal's fees, if applicable.

That's all!

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