2014 Trips Dinghy Cruising Logs (with photos!)


Along with occassional specials posted to social media or our email list, we offer these perennial deals. If you qualify, enter the bold letters before booking, or email us for a custom code. Each individual booking can only use one discount.

Returning customer - 10% off. For those who have sailed with us before.

Repeat offender - 20% off. For those who have previously been on the same length sail out of the same location.

Kids - Children three years old and younger are free. Those four to nine years old are half price: use code 4to9.

Able - 50% off. For experienced dinghy cruisers who are part of a booking of three or more people. Once we're confident that you can competently handle one of our boats in ALL conditions without an instructor-guide onboard, we'll happily email a code upon request. Others in your party are automatically eligible for the 20% discount. Number of Able discounts per trip limited to one less than the number of boats used.

We can sometimes offer groups a break, depending on the circumstances. It doesn't hurt to ask! However:

Solo trips with instruction require making a second booking, identical to your own, but half price using the code Private. Alternatively, you are welcome to let us know if you would like to be matched up, and if another sole sailor is looking for a boatmate, we will put you in touch with eachother to align your schedules. You can also take your chances and book a solo trip, asking us to post it on our booking page as one that can be joined. If someone joins your trip, we will return your solo trip surcharge (minus Paypal's fee, if that's how you booked).


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