2014 Trips Dinghy Cruising Logs (with photos!)


As we all have an obligation to protect each other and our families from infection, in addition to following applicable state guidelines, here are some of our other current

Covid Practices

All bookings are now private. Please do not book dates if shown as already taken unless you are a member of the original booking party. If your booking conflicts with an existing one, we'll let you know and offer a full refund.

Private group bookings involving friends or family from more than one household are limited to a maximum of five people, on at least two boats.

Even more than usual, we will generally avoid populated places.

All participants and instructors should make a good faith effort to limit their exposure during the two weeks preceding a trip, and to note any occassions when they are less careful or otherwise put at greater risk of exposure. If during this period or during the trip they develop a persistent cough or shortness of breath, or any two of the following symptoms: fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, they will let the others know, and unless covid-19 has been eliminated as the cause, we'll reschedule, re-staff, or refund.

At the beginning of each trip, everyone can quickly summarize their potential exposure to covid in the preceding two weeks. The diversity of reported potential exposures, will inform the extent to which we can all employ additional measures, some of which dovetail nicely with cultivating the constant awareness of what the wind is doing that a sailor needs. For example, making an effort onboard and ashore to position the axis of inter-household conversations perpendicular to the breeze, or wearing a mask when speaking upwind of another.


We are happy to share boats with folks who are being responsible. We are confident dinghy cruising is among the most fun and lowest covid exposure risk ways to get away this summer, and we take seriously our obligation to not act as a vector. For those learning to sail, we find our being onboard with you makes for a much better experience, and is practically mandatory on a cruise.

While it is physically possible to be six feet apart on our dinghies, and the wind can often be used to great advantage, one can assume that that distance will not be maintained throughout a sail, and that at some point one might talk directly upwind of another. Whenever either is a possibility, which when an instructor joins you is a fair portion of the time, we'll be wearing masks.

However, if you strongly prefer to sail on one of our trips without an instructor aboard, having them instead guide you from another boat, this is a possible precatuion, though probably one that goes too far. Unless you are truly an experienced dinghy sailor, it will be a challenge, even for fast learners who are comfortable on boats, calm under pressure, and not easily frustrated. Depending on everyone's ability, it will radically curtail the geographic possibilities of the trip. We encourage you to start small.

A compromise is to first go on training daysails with an instructor onboard, or nearby and focused solely on you, before attempting any overnight cruises where the advantages of having separate boats might start to add up. (Short overnight trips often allow for sleeping ashore, too.) We can give folks with alternate access to a sailboat a list of the skills they'll want to master before sailing on an M&BX trip without an instructor on their boat. As reopening proceeds, community sailing programs can be a convenient way to practice basic boat handling. Except for rare prearranged instances of simple boat rental by "Able" sailors we know well, an M&BX instructor-guide will always be coming along, just not necessarily on the same boat. Having one of our boats to yourself on a multi-day trip requires a double booking, so ideally there are at least two of you. (If you're with three or more others and you're an old hand, you may individually qualify for our "Able" discount, though this typically requires having been on an M&BX trip.)

In sum, we are open to taking whatever measures make sense and make you comfortable, but recognize covid vs. activity risks must be weighed on a case by case basis. You are welcome to contact us with questions.

Thank you for your cooperation!



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